Our motto is “AnyBODY can dance!” We embrace every person, and value that people vary in shape, size, and ability.  Our students are individuals and are equally talented in his or her own way. We strive to guide our students through dance, with knowledgeable, capable and loving teachers whose number one priority is the happiness of our students.  We pride ourselves in our body positive ideology and ability to foster self-assurance and confidence. We will give all that we have and all that we know to our students to ensure their development as dancers, artists, and as fine young people. Though we value “Passion, Not Perfection”, we also strive to help those who are looking to fulfill their full potential as dances and to provide assistance to those who are looking to pursue a professional career in the dance world. We encourage our students to share, to create, and to enjoy who they are and what they each have to offer.

Why choose Spirit in Motion?

SIMDA offers a variety of dance education for boys, girls, and adults of any age and ability. Classes and levels are customized to your dancers interests and comfort level.