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*Monthly installments are based on session tuition divided into equal payments.*

AnyBODY can Dance


Our Spirit Promise

There is no reason not to give dance a try!  As a new dancer joining our studio, if you decide we aren’t the right fit for you in the first month of classes and wish to withdraw, you won't be held to the session tuition commitment.


First session tuition is based on instruction from September to December.

Second session tuition is based on instruction from January to June. 

Once you enroll your financial obligation is the entire session in which you have enrolled.  We do not issue refunds or credits for early withdrawal outside of our Spirit Promise.  

Tuition Policy

Once you enroll your financial obligation is the entire session in which you have enrolled regardless of  attendance or the payment option selected at the time of enrollment.


We offer our families two ways to pay the session tuition.


Session tuition paid in FULL at the time of registration.


Tuition Installments:  

We offer tuition installments due the first of every month throughout your entire session.  

Session One: Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec. 

 Session Two: Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June.

Tuition is calculated to include holidays, vacation weeks, occasional cancellation due to inclement weather, staff illness, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.  Tuition is NOT calculated on a per class or monthly basis.  

Installment toward tuition does not change regardless of attendance or the number of classes in any given month throughout the session.  

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There are no refunds for session tuition or registration fee unless in the event SIMDA cancels a class for the session due to low enrollment.  There is no refund or credits issued for classes missed due to an outstanding balance.  Reimbursements or make-up class will not be given to dancers who miss class(es) for personal reasons.  There will be no refunds on costumes.  Any credit issued on an account will be applied to the balance on the account prior to a refund being issued.

Class Placement

Our ages and skill levels posted are a guide.  SIMDA reserves the right to determine proper placement based on the skill level of the student at time of enrollment. Adjustments can be made through the year to best serve the success of the dancer at SIMDA's discretion.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the class that is the right fit for your dancer!

Taking Classes

The studio will be open five minutes prior to the first scheduled class of the day to allow dancers to enter and prepare for class.  Please enter the studio waiting area through the backdoor located at the back of the building (look for our logo).  We ask dancers to not enter at the store front as street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.  There is plenty of parking located in the side lot directly past the backdoor.  Please do not park along the fence, this narrows the road way and can be a danger to our dancers entering and exiting the building! Guests are welcome to watch class through our viewing window! Dancers should bring water to class.  Don’t worry, if you forget we have cups in the waiting room.  

Studio Communication

We use email to communicate with our families. Please provide an email address when completing registration and be sure to select send emails to family.  If you choose not to select send emails to family you will miss all studio communications.  In the event of cancellation we communicate via email so it is important to have a valid email in your dancer’s portal and select send emails to family.  It is important that you check your email as we will not send out fliers, make phone call/text families regarding invoices, late payments, deadlines, news, events or other studio related information. 

All questions and communication should be directed to or by calling the business line.  We are very responsive with our communication and continuously respond to email, phone calls, and voicemail.  We are not able to respond to instant messages or texts.  Please do not disturb teachers during class other than for an emergency situation.  Teachers are in the classrooms teaching and every dancer deserves the focus and attention of their teacher during scheduled class time.    

Weather Related Cancellation

We watch all weather closely when the forecast is in question.  We will email classes at least one to two hours prior to canceling if we feel our dance families or staff can not get to the studio safely.  We do not follow school cancellations as often road conditions can change throughout the day.  Tuition has been calculated to include a reasonable number of New England weather related cancellations.  We understand families may choose to not attend class for weather related reasons as each town’s weather can vary quite drastically.  We want all our dancers and families to be safe.  

Copyright Infringement

Spirit in Motion Dance Academy, LLC LOGO is the property of Spirit of Motion and is copyright protected.  Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.  Spirit in Motions requires written permission to copy our logo on spirit wear, clothing, accessories, and any other items for personal use or sales.  

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