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Dancing with Different Abilities

Abilties in Motion

Abilities in Motion is a highly structured creative movement dance class that allows dancers with disabilities to create and explore the art of dance. The class structure begins with a warm-up and mirroring exercise to allow each student to be seen and heard. The class then moves into a structure combination where they learn fun up-beat choreography and are able to practice their dance skills. The class ends with dancers having the opportunity to teach their favorite dance move. This is a great class to improve self-esteem, social skills, and a fun way to exercise!

We offer an hour long class for middle and high school students and a half hour class for elementary and younger dancers.

Inclusion Classes

To support the dancer, we have created an IDP or Individualized Dance Plan™. The IDP was created to help teachers make appropriate accommodations to support the dancer. The dancer and guardian will sit down prior to the first class and develop the IDP, with Kate, to make their dance experience enjoyable.

Dance Team

Abilities in Motion Dance Team is specialized dance team that will work with a dance competition to make motifications to allow the dancers to feel safe. The dancers in this class will have the opportunity learn one dance and compete in one competition.

Individualized Dance Plan 

Individualized Dance Plan™ (IDP) is designed to support the dancer and their family to have a safe, fun year of dance. The IDP includes but is not limited to:

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Accommodations (Teachers tone, Volume of music, etc)

  • Triggers

  • Strengths

  • Goals such as:

- Increased social skills

- Exercise

- Increased self-esteem

The IDP is designed to allow any teacher to provide a safe and fun environment for the dancer.

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